10 Best RTS (Real Time Strategy) Games Of 2016-17

BY JESSICA DAVIDSON   |   Not everyone will like real-time strategy games. To defeat your enemies in these games, you have to use critical thinking and unbeatable yet accurate tactics. Don't allow the challenges to deter you from playing as the games are entertaining and will unleash the qualities of a leader that is buried within you. Whether you have an android, ios or Pc, in this list there is an RTS game that you can play when traveling as well as to prevent boredom. Here are the 10 best Real Time Strategy games of 2016-17.


1. XCOM 2

If you want to be a superhero who saves Earth from alien invasions, then XCOM 2 storyline will deliver what you want. In this game, you will have to give names to different characters which add an emotional attachment such that you will be hesitant to let them die. The fascinating part is where XCOM which is a military organization has to prevent total invasion of aliens on earth. XCOM 2 is designed to be played on PC, PS4, and XBbox one platforms.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

2. Total War Battles: Kingdom

With well-designed medieval realism, new cities to construct and the ability to be a great commander; Total War Battles: Kingdom ranks top among the best RTS game. The game is set in medieval England where a player has to use wit and fighting skills to train as well build a powerful kingdom. You also have to defeat various enemies which is a great strategy for players who want a bit of action in a game.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

3. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

In Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak you get to be a genius scientist who has to lead an expedition to bring back an ancient artifact that will save humanity. The game is a prequel to the previous Homeland game. However, the 3D included features, great weaponry, and an entertaining storyline makes Desert of Kharak one of the best RTS game for PC.

Machines at War

4. Machines at War

Machines at War is a multiplayer RTS game for Android platforms. The game follows the usual strategy and tactics of building an army and defeating enemies. You can even opt for the online option where you get to compete against other skilled players. By focusing on the creation and fighting tactics, Machine at War has been able to provide a virtual world where entertainment can be found in the 21 challenging missions. Expect to get good graphics, cool features such as a changing weather and the ability to use your imagination as well as unique strategies to build a huge fighting army.

Soldiers: Arena

5. Soldiers: Arena

Soldiers: Arena is one of the best real-time strategy games that use innovation to allow players to conquer various options using weapons like tanks, rifles and armor vehicle. The game is set to mimic the events of World War II and even includes some features that have been influenced by the popular games such as Face of War, Men of War and Heroes of World War 2. It is highly recommended by Lakkad from Techies Pad.

Galaxy Empire: Evolved

6. Galaxy Empire: Evolved

This game allows a player to start a fresh life on another planet after all the natural resources on Earth have been depleted, and the planet is no longer habitable. To build and rule a galactic empire you will have to show great strengthen against enemies and collect the resources which you will use to create futuristic technologies that will unite other galaxies. In Galaxy Empire Evolved you are a ruler who has to choose the path of peace and uniting all nations or to take other planets by force. While it is available for PC, you can also get this real-time strategy game on Itunes and Google play store.


7. Auralux

Auralux is an RTS game that is simple, fun and brain racking. Your mission in this game is to find your enemies and create strategies that will enable you to capture their stars while they are unaware. You have to make split-second decisions and make strategies that will help you win the challenges within a given moment. While at the start of the game you will have one start, you will need to capture many stars to get points while outsmarting the high intelligence of your opponents. The huge number of points will make it easier for you to capture enemies star.

Ashes of Singularity

8. Ashes of the singularity

Ashes of the Singularity is a single and multiplayer real-time strategy game that lets you use your wit to outplay opponents and destroy robots. The single player mode focuses more on creating strategies while in multiplayer is where the RTS part of the game can be felt. The substrates in this game can recharge their shields while post-humans have a tough skull which means that you will have to use come up with strategic methods to win battles. With every victory, you get to take resources such as radioactive against other skilled enemies located on the muted landscape of the game.

Tropical Stormfront

9. Tropical Stormfront

Tropical Stormfront is an RTS Android game that allows users to execute their military tactics on land, sea, and air. As the main character, you will be the good guy who has to fight against the powerful ODO who wants to use his massive army to rule the world. The game has 25 mission each with different challenges. While one mission you might be expected to plan and create strong defenses in another mission you will have to team up with other foot soldiers to battle the enemy.

Fairy Kingdom HD

10. Fairy Kingdom HD

If you love games that have a storyline that combines love and building a mighty empire, then Fairy Kingdom HD will match your game preference. You will have to unlock great mysteries and even fight evil forces that are trying to attack the Fairy Kingdom. Even with the challenges, your attention will be fully on the game as you will have to use a map to win 250 tough quests. Despite its feminine outlook, the storyline and mission will be tough to solve making the game suitable for all genders.

About the Author: Jessica is an engineering graduate who found her passion in blogging and now does freelance blogging. She loves tech talks and thus shares her passion for writing by blogging. Apart from this, she loves reading books and travelling the world!

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