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BY KATELYN WILSON   |   Are you in need of something that is worth your time? Games like Clash Royale World makes your adrenaline to rush? A first, second and third person game? Then war games are the best games to download or buy. War games brings you some of the military warfare that includes battles in different places like deserts, villages etc. between soldiers, tanks, space ships and more. We hope you will be able to find some of the most interesting war games from the list below:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This a first person shooting developed by Infinity ward that enables players to continue having a gripping action and also it is heart-racing since the gamer is always facing anew threat after solving the previous threat and this could cause the world to collapse.
You get to fight in some crowded streets of Rio de Janiero, brazil also on the snowy mountain tops of Siberia.

Gears of War 4

2. Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is the fourth installment in the Gears of War series, and the first installment which is not developed by Epic Games and the only release for PC. It is a third person shooter game developed by The Coalition and is set 25 years after the Imulsion Countermeasure weapon destroyed all Imulsion on the planet Sera, taking the Locust and the Lambent with them as well. In addition to the elements of previous Gears of War games, players can use new weapons like Dropshot weapon or the Buzzkill as well as a short distance shoulder charge.
The game received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the game's combat, visuals and set pieces.

Birth of America 2

3. Birth of America 2

This is a factual game which covers the American conflict from the years 1750 to 1815 that were fought on American soil. It has great visual and map that will guide you on how to organize your troops and also the colonies, towns, coastlines and wilderness that you will passing through. The map extends from very northern Canada in the north, the gulf in the south, Illinois to Louisiana in the west and the Atlantic to the east and has different scenarios to play
It also has good sound effects, gameplay, replay ability, balance, very addictive and it is strategic.

This war of mine

4. This war of mine

It is one of the dark survival game where gamers control a group of normal people with no experience in fighting, so that they can stay alive in a besieged city. The main aim of the game is to survive the war with tools and materials the player can gather with the characters they control.
If you are a fan of horrors then try this. At day time, the civilians are not allowed to leave their camps but at night they move along nearby areas in search of weapons, medicines, food and anything that they need for their survival in which at daytime they use the things collected to treat the sick or even to build their shelters.
It is an extremely engaging game with a playthrough of about 12 hours.

Civilization VI

5. Civilization VI

This is the best game of all time and honestly very beautiful with a start of cartoon styles. This is a must download game for people who are not loves of horrors. It is also an addictive strategy masterpiece with more freedom, personalization, complexity and meaningful choices that you will ever encounter. It is colorful with stirring music that swells to accent what you’re doing and in what era you are doing it. Also, it has better improvements from the previous versions of civilization in that its only thing you can think of when playing it.
It is a turn based strategy spanning all of human history where you get to build empires, compete for a set of victory conditions and send off warmongering leaders.


6. Tyranny

When in need of something different from the old same RPGs, then you will fall in love with tyranny. It is a great isometric from Obsidian. The work of Obsidian in this game is brilliant when you look at it in terms of dialogues, story, characters and universe.
It is a war between forces of evil and good where forces of evil wins. Tyranny offers a well thought and fresh fragment mechanics of a story that is really absorbing your attention between a boring period of combat. Obsidian reveals its brilliance by sneaking mercies in a world that was being oppressed by armies of Kyros and freedom was slowly fading away
This is a must try.

World of Tanks

7. World of Tanks

It is the first shooter game and team-based massively multiplayer online action game with armored war tanks and has uncomplicated controls and a relatively moderate pace that make it easy to get into.
You don’t need to memorize advanced controls in order for you to get into the tank, all you need is to just familiarize yourself with the game and then you can play with no risk of getting killed with advanced player
It has 150 armored war tank vehicles with full covered historical details from Germany, America and Soviet Union.

Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising

8. Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising

This is a game that challenges players to survive the war that is rapidly evolving in the modern warfare in a new contemporary theatre/warzone.
It is a first-person shooter that is very realistic and intense than you have ever experienced. It offers diversity and fear of a modern conflict from unique scenarios. It takes players close to war as they want to reach and delivers the total combat experience.

Ashes of Singularity

9. Ashes of Singularity

Ashes of singularity delivers an experience that has not been seen in this genre for at least a decade.
Its all about something for the past that is causing the future of humanity to be threatened. Humans find themselves fighting in a war for domination of all galaxies including Milky way with Halee and the sentinent Al.
If you are competitive RTS player then try Ashes of Singularity since it has a lot to dig into for a hardcore player.

Company of Heroes

10. Company of Heroes

Do you want to experience real time strategy? Company of heroes gives a real-time strategy experience, different methods of play and a still active multiplayer community in world war II by providing a war-ravaged environment and bringing the sacrifice of heroic soldiers.
It has gorgeous competent game engine, gorgeous soundtrack and brilliant sound design
This is a must play for any fan of the genre and also true masterpiece.

About the Author: Katelyn is a Content Writer and a Tech Blogger. She writes, swims and run a lot and when she's not doing all those, she loves to try new things.

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