Get adsense approval in 24 hours with a month old website

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   It was 10:54 PM on September 29th 2015, when I was as usual, carrying on with my post dinner article writing session in my hostel room, scheduling an early morning post the next day. Next minute, a mail arrives stating “Your Google Adsense account has been fully activated” and guess what, the room got vacated in seconds with my laptop open and lights on, as I couldn’t resist myself and just ran to share the happiness with my friends in other rooms. What’s more, I completed my unfinished work and straight away started writing this new article at 1’o clock in the night to help and advise all those who are desperately waiting for a faster adsense approval for their site.

Google Adsense is probably the best and most reliable source for monetizing any websites or blogs and it works in a much more faster and efficient way as compared to other CPC advertising programs. A lot of money can be made using this service but one needs to be equally hardworking and professional to reap the benefits and surpass the number of failures. My website www.forceclaw.com, an Indian originated domain focusing on game reviews and latest announcements, was just over a month and a half old when I decided that probably I should get on with setting up my adsense account to get paid for my online blogging. I applied on September 28th 2015 evening, without knowing some of the basic Google policies related to India and China. What’s that? It’s nothing but the over hyped 6 months threshold time before which an Asian country website such as ours should restrain itself from applying to Google Adsense. This was in due to the fact that nowadays, the Asian countries are more prone to fraud ad clicks which degrades the quality of adsense service. I only came to know this after I passed the first step of the Google’s two step approval procedure and lost all my hopes on getting the final approval. To my ultimate surprise, not only I got the full and final approval but also within 1 day of my applying, in contrast to those who claimed that such an approval could extend upto a week.

What could have been the factors that led to such a quick response from Google to approve my adsense request? Lets have a look :-

1. A Professsional web design with high quality content

Remember that more than you want to earn money through your contents, Google wants to strike a deal with your website as it also earns money in the process from the ad publisher. Therefore, give them all the reasons for approving your website without any speck of doubts. Before applying, go through the entire contents of your site to check if they are not ‘plagiarised’. Simply copying text from other articles will give them an easy rejection factor for your site.

Small SEO Tools' Plagiarism Checker can be useful in this and you can be satisfied if you hit a score of 70%-80%. Maybe lower for news updates and stuff like that and ignore quotes being flagged as plagiarised (Google's crawlerbot is intelligent enough).

Try to maintain a good number of articles in your site with a good amount of text content. They like articles with higher number of words rather than too many pictures or video snippets. For us, we had around 30 articles in the span of one and a half month of site launch. Also try to include relevant contents for your articles that ‘matters’ and make sense to you readers. Apart from this, the look of your website should be professional. Thanks to my webmaster Arnav Nag who is doing a brilliant job in developing and maintaining our website and did a remarkable work through out that day to place the ads in an efficient manner in the article pages. A website of high quality is impossible for rejection and so it is true that “Hardwork pays off”.

2. Buy your own top level domain and go for paid hosting

It is well said that to earn money you need to spend some money too. Thus, it is highly recommended that one should buy a top level domain with the extension preferably ‘.com’ without having any prohibited terms in the domain name. It is equally advised that always go for a paid hosting service as Google tends to reject most applications with free hosting because such hosting services are unreliable.

3. About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and Google analytics is a must

Google would never like to do business with anonymous persons, so it’s is very much important that you have these pages set up before applying for adsense. A google analytics setup is very significant in the sense that it shows that you are concerned about keeping a count and analyzing your visitors and you actually ‘care’ for your website and it’s popularity.

4. Stop any ongoing ad services and other kind of paid traffic

It should be of utmost care that one should free their website of any sort of ongoing ad services as Google would strictly reject such applications. Don’t make a mistake as I did, and always have a habit of going through the Google’s terms of adsense services before applying. Any sort of paid traffic or use of explicit contents to attract traffic to your site should be strictly avoided if you want your application to even get reviewed.

5. Name/Age/Email verification

Consider the fact that you need to be genuine in terms of your identity. Don’t fake out information just as it is. Always use proper name and email while applying and try to mention those in the About Us/Contact Us page of your website. Secondly, you need to be above 18 years of age. I would advise that don’t try to fake out your age if you don’t meet this requirement. Be honest and truthful.

6. Finally have patience and don’t be desperately money minded

It is often found that most people are just desperate to earn money and the easiest way they seek out is to launch a website. You may very well succeed in managing some ad services but NOT Google Adsense. They maintain their quality and dignity and will ban anyone who misuses their services or try unfair means for their approval. So what I say is first dedicate yourself in working hard for your website. Your site should be your passion and something where you love spending your precious hours. Have patience, publish a good number of relevant and quick articles and you are set to go. Hardwork never gets ignored and that’s what I learnt today. Therefore, don’t think only money from the word ‘Go’. Plan out and organize everything in a good manner, get a respectable audience for your site and then you are good to go for adsense.

Head Ups: It’s almost 2:30 PM in the night, and I would like to conclude that the Google’s policy of 6 months threshold for adsense approval for Asian countries like India and China is actually their efficient way of eliminating frauds and scam. If one’s site is truly genuine and professional by the look, Google will waste no time in granting the adsense approval and that’s what I felt today when I got my adsense approval for my site which is less than 2 months old in just 1 day. I feel honored by such a fast adsense approval, and would like to thank Google for it’s services hoping to maintain a long term relationship with the Search Engine Giant.

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