Top 5 Upcoming Games for Low-Spec PCs

BY THOMAS MILVA   |   If you’re an avid gamer, you know full well how annoying it is to constantly have to upgrade your PC in order to be able to run newer games smoothly. Without spending a considerable amount of money on new components every few years, your PC will either not be able to support certain games at a nice FPS, or it won’t be able to run them at all.

But it’s not all bad – there are many fantastic games out there from developers that don’t believe in always having the top system requirements on the market, and therefore forcing you to constantly upgrade your rig. This year there are quite a few awesome titles out there that old PCs can handle just fine. Additionally, these games are pretty cheap (especially if you know how to install a VPN in order to get discounts), so not only will you save money you’d otherwise use to upgrade, but you’ll also save on the games themselves. Without further delay, here’s my pick of the best low-spec games in 2017, so be sure to check them out:

1. Splasher

Splasher is a really fun 2D platformer with quite an original concept that you’re guaranteed to like if there’s a bit of a retro gamer inside you somewhere. In this game, you unleash the power of paints in order to save your brothers from a giant prison, but before you can do that you’ll have to learn to combine different colors of paints in order to utilize their diverse powers and ultimately beat different challenging levels. The requirements are so low that a single-core CPU can run them, so if you’ve had an upgrade in the last 10 years, rest assured that you can run this game at comfortable FPS with no issues whatsoever.


2. Realpolitiks

This game brings back the classic RTS genre from the unique perspective of a politician that must use military prowess, diplomacy and espionage in order to achieve their goal of world domination. Immerse yourself in many fictional and yet quite realistic scenarios such as the expansion of the Islamic State, World War III and the fall of the European Union, and do whatever you can to end up on top. Set to release in February, you can run this game with an Intel Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of VRAM.

3. Stars in Shadow

Stars in Shadow is a turn-based space strategy where you’re tasked with exploring nearby star systems, engaging in diplomacy with alien species and ultimately unifying or conquering the galaxy. You’d expect a game of this magnitude to be pretty heavy with the system requirements, however it seems that the developers have adopted a rather simplistic and yet no less attractive design that is going to be really easy on your PC. You can run it perfectly smoothly with just a dual core CPU and 512 of VRAM, which is nothing these days, so make sure that you check this one out.

Stars in Shadow

4. Bulletstorm

Judging by what we’ve seen so far, Bulletstorm is going to be one of the most entertaining games of 2017, primarily because of its sheer simplicity. It’s a classic sci-fi person shooter with certain arcade elements, such as the ability to kick your enemies into cacti for additional damage and using an electric leash to throw them through the air. And of course, the best thing is that it’s going to be ridiculously light on the resources, so just 2 GB of RAM and a dual-core processor will be enough to run it.


This 2D puzzle platformer will be available on February 14th, and in my personal opinion it’s going to be a prime example of why you don’t need to bloat up your game with fancy graphics in order to make it fantastic. BOOR takes place on Eden, a human colony that’s fallen under the rule of the machines, and it’s up to you to liberate it with the use of your unique abilities. As for the requirements, while this game will be a bit heavy on the RAM (minimum 4 GB), with the CPU it’s the exact opposite as it requires a measly 1.2 GHz in order to run, and will take up no more than 50 MB of storage space.

As you can see, there are tons of games out there that older PCs can still support, and they’re not just random 2D retro games, they’re the real deal – just without often unnecessary bloated graphics that do nothing for your experience but decrease your FPS. I hope you’ll grow to love these titles in 2017 and start enjoying a smooth FPS experience without having to empty your pocketbook for new gear any further.


About the Author: Thomas Milva is 28 and has been in an Information Security Analyst for over four years. He loves his job, but he also loves spending his time in nature, because he’s working from home, which sometimes means not getting enough fresh air. He also regularly writes for wefollowtech.com, where he often comments on the latest web trends in his articles. Thomas currently lives in Baton Rouge with his dog, two fish and his girlfriend.

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