Capcom bans Noel Brown from Pro Tour 2016 due to ‘unwarranted’ touching incident at Combo Breaker

Evo supports the decision and bans him from Evo 2016 championship

Capcom has finally made the official announcement regarding the Noel Brown sexual harassment incident at Combo Breaker 2016, an Illinois based Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event. The incident sparked off over the last weekend where a female attendee complained against the ‘unwarranted and unwanted’ touching by a male who is now confirmed to be as Noel Brown, a veteran Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom player.

The incident took place during the live stream before the Street Fighter’s V Losers Finals match at Combo Breaker Tournament at Chicago, IL last weekend. The incident was also caught on camera and went viral in fighting game community. In a statement released on Thursday, Capcom stated that Noel Brown has been banned from further competing in the 2016 Pro Tour season. A second offense such as this can lead to a lifetime ban from participating in future Pro Tour events.

Over the past weekend, we were notified that an unfortunate case of sexual harassment occurred at Combo Breaker 2016, a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event, where a female attendee received unwarranted and unwanted contact from a male attendee, who is confirmed to be Noel Brown. This incident was also captured on camera during the live stream before the Street Fighter V Losers Finals match.

As a result, we are banning Noel Brown from competing in the duration of the 2016 season of the Capcom Pro Tour as a first offense. A second offense will result in a lifetime ban from participating in all future Capcom Pro Tour events. We will use this as a baseline penalty if similar incidents occur in the future.

Capcom further said that, “We do not condone any acts of harassment and we want all of our players and fans to know we will continue our work to ensure that all Capcom Pro Tour events provide safe, inviting environments where the focus is on healthy competition and exciting rivalries.”

Earlier on May 29 last week, Combo Breaker 2016 had instituted a ban on Noel Brown due to the same incident barring him from attending Combo Breaker’s 2017 and potential 2018 events. Brown’s eligibility for participation will be revaluated again on 2018 by Combo Breaker.


Abiding by the decision of Capcom, Evo (Evolution Championship) co-founder ‘Joey Cuellar’ has also decided to ban Noel Brown from Evo 2016 Tournament this year. He said, “Evo stands behind Capcom’s decision to ban any player responsible for acts of harassment. We have a zero tolerance policy for behavior that creates an unsafe environment for our attendees. He will not be allowed to attend Evo 2016.”

Brown had earlier made his name by securing the fifth position as a Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 player at Evo 2011. Till now he was being sponsored by Ultra Arcade but it seems even they have broken all ties with Brown. In a facebook post, Ultra Arcade announced that they are going to ban him from all Ultra Arcade and KI Cup events through 2017. They said “After reviewing the details from all parties we have come to a decision to release Noel Brown from the Ultra Arcade team, and ban Noel from competing in ALL Ultra Arcade Events, & ALL Killer Instinct World Cup Qualifiers (Including the Cup itself) for the duration of the KIWC 2017 Season,”

Brown’s involvement in controversy is well known by the incidents in 2013 and 2011 where he was charged for attacking and assaulting other players. Capcom is currently in the process of revising the CPT rule set and updating the Code of Conduct section at Capcom Pro Tour events. The rules will be posted in the CPT website in due time.

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