Arkane Studios’ Co-Creative Director praises Carrie Fisher for her small role in the first Dishonored game

Fisher lent her voice in the ‘Return to the Tower’ mission of that game

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Carrie Fisher’s untimely death on Tuesday, 27th December had triggered a massive grief around the world, especially among Star Wars fans. She was aged 60 and had suffered a severe heart attack on December 23 London to LA flight. The iconic actress is popular in the pop society for her role of Princess Leia in Star Wars franchise. But she was hardly known for any association to video games except for her voice work in this year’s Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The point of writing this article was the fact that she had a small role in the 2012’s Dishonored game which many Dishonored fans including me didn’t know.

Fisher had lent her voice in the ‘Return to the Tower’ mission of the game. Her voice was hidden as an Easter Egg- one can only get to hear her if he/she kills the male propaganda officer in Dunwall Tower during the mission. In remembrance of this short role in the game, Arkane Studios’ Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith took to twitter stating that ‘Carrie Fisher was gracious, funny and creatively open’ when they worked with her for the small role in Dishonored.

In other news, Elite Dangerous will be adding a Carrie Fisher memorial ‘Fisher’s Rest’ in the next 2.3 update release. This was confirmed by the game’s Executive Producer who responded in the community forum after several requests from their fans. Elite Dangerous is known for such kind of memorials as in 2015, the developers added a Vulcan Planet and a ‘Leonard Nimoy Station’ in memory of the late Star Trek actor, Leonard Nimoy.

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