Cossacks 3 Beta signups is now Live!

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   GSC Game World, the renowned developers of the STALKER games, had surprisingly announced the development of Cossacks 3 last year. The game which is expected to be released sometime near the end of this year, is a modern remake of the original Cossacks game first released in 2001. Cossacks is a Real Time Strategy game with environmental setups based on historical era much like the Age of Empires series. It has similar gameplay mechanics of resource gathering, raising massive armies and capturing enemy strongholds. According to GSC’s press release, Cossacks 3 will support up to 10,000 units as well as will feature five historical campaigns and 12 playable nations.

Cossacks 3

Fans can now get the chance to be a part of the extensive beta testing for the Cossacks 3 game. You can sign up for the Beta testing opportunity here. In one of their recent facebook posts, the developers expressed their struggle to get on with the release date of the game and the very need of an extensive beta test of the game.

“These last few months have been extremely difficult for the team. We have been rushing around trying to get everything ready for the release date of the game. But as we all know, rush is a very bad companion in game development. So we decided to postpone Cossacks 3 release in order to hold a comprehensive beta-test of the game.
We are preparing to start gathering beta-testers’ applications and assign the first wave of testers. With their help we are going to improve the game’s quality, test innovations and implement feedback from Cossacks veterans and newcomers.”

Now that the Beta testing is all set, they stated “We are happy to announce that we are now ready to begin accepting applications for beta testers. Everyone, who has ever dreamed of being a part of the GSC team and put their own efforts into Cossacks 3 development can fill in the form and try their luck.”

Cossacks 3 will feature up to 8 player support and the game will be released along with full official modding support and tools that are used to make the game.

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