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Day of Infamy gets a confirmed full release date two weeks from now

The Insurgency standalone World War 2 expansion advances out of Early Access

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Insurgency standalone World War 2 expansion, Day of Infamy will finally be advancing from Early Access to a full release on March 23rd which is just two weeks from now. DOI had a very successful 8 months of early access since July 29, 2016 and maintained a consistent 89% (Very Positive) review status on Steam. Day of Infamy is a tactical shooting game developed by New World Interactive which was released as a WW2 expansion to the successful FPS platform, Insurgency. The game features highly intense Co-op and multiplayer scenarios in the battleground of Southern and Western Europe featuring a total of 10 maps, 9 player classes and 10 objective-based game modes.

New World Interactive Creative Director Andrew Spearin has said that, “With launch date on the horizon, we are feeling the hype from our community and know that gamers are ready for this visceral WWII experience.” The developers have also announced additional features to the game as follows:

  • Unit System: Collect digital militaria items in the form of new character art representing various regiments and divisions for each faction. Rank progression unlocks a random unit for players to use or trade. Within a unit, new character artwork includes arm patches, hats, helmet stencils, uniforms, camouflages, and voice over.
  • Commando Cooperative Difficulty: A new playlist for PvE Cooperative gameplay featuring elite AI opponents and limited fire support options.
  • 10 Maps: With the recent addition of Foy and Crete, a full range of environments to fight in are featured in the game.

The full release reveal comes with a launch trailer which you can see below.

Heads Up:- Day of Infamy moves out of Early Access towards a full-fledged release on March 23rd, 2017. The Early Access version of the game is available right now at $19.99 on Steam.

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