Jeff Minter’s Polybius is heading to PC

The Arcade Cabinet myth coming true

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Jeff Minter, the psychedelic arcade shooter veteran behind the popular arcade shoot ‘em ups like Space Giraffe, Tempest 2000, Gridrunner has revealed his next game, Polybius for PC. The game is inspired by the 80’s Urban Legend about an arcade cabinet that was believed by many as a tool of the US Government or the CIA to test one’s mental ability and physical agility as a method of recruiting soldiers. It caused seizures, nausea to players; some say it was a hoax while others believe it never existed at all. Minter has confirmed his work on Polybius via a tweet where he is seen working in his office playing the game with his VR headsets on.

Polybius was recently launched on PlayStation VR where it did fairly good but owning to its price of $399, people may now feel comfortable to try this game out on PC. In another tweet, Minter confirmed that the game can be played with and without a VR headset. Llamasoft, the video game studio owned by Minter, had some trouble in past when it tried to bring the PS Vita game TxK to PC as it was blocked by Atari. So, it’s good to know that a PC port by Minter is finally happening. There is no release date yet on Polybius for PC, but Minter recorded a gameplay video where he plays the first 7 levels of Polybius which involves fast paced shooting, bright colours and retro sound effects.

To know more about the tale of this video game of death, have a read here.

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