FIFA 16 Stat upgrade for Marcus Rashford- a reward for solving United’s injury crisis

BY APRATIM HALDER   |   Marcus Rashford, the 18 year old teenage sensation from Wythenshawe, England not only bailed out Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal out of a spot of bother during the injury crisis, but also got a FIFA 16 stat upgrade for the followers of the game. So after a lot of requests from various social networking sites, message boards and fan sites which mainly was regarding the virtual version of the teenager, was not enough to the actual representation of his talents. However, Rashford previously saw his finishing rating increased to 69 and sprint speed increased from 67 to 81.

Playing for the U-18s in the Manchester Academy before, Rashford knocked up important performances for the team and was duly rewarded with a name on the senior bench against Watford on 21st November 2015. However, he became a fan sensation after his two goals set the tone against a Danish side, FC Midtjylland in the second leg of the round of 32 of the UEFA Europa League completing a comprehensive 5-1 win. Thus, he became the youngest ever scorer for Manchester United beating the record previously held by the legendary George Best. He made his debut in the premier league three days later and calmly slotted two finishes against the title contenders Arsenal in what was supposed to be one of the games of the season. Check out the detailed FIFA 16 player stats for Marcus Rashford here.

Known for his explosive pace and speed, Marcus Rashford got his rating improved for acceleration, agility and sprint speed in FIFA 16. This promptly increased his overall card rating from 59 to 65 in the game. Though it is early days for the forward, England manager Roy Hodgson has stated that he is in contention with earning a spot in the EURO 16 squad. We must remember that it will take close to two years to understand the potential of the player, but we have got an exciting forward for the career mode players. Whether he continues his rich vein of form and become a regular in the United team, only time will tell!

Marcus Rashford

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