Fans may have worked out the clues to the name of the next Mass Effect protagonist hidden in the N7 Day Trailer

BY ARNAV NAG   |   The name of the next Mass Effect protagonist, successor to the original iconic character "Commander Shepard", may have been discovered by fans on Reddit. As reported by Eurogamers, a redditor Benelioto keenly observered a dog tag with the name "RIDER or RYDER" in the N7 Day Trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda at the 0:44 mark.

The redditor also mentioned that the name may be after Sally Ride, the first american woman in space. This fits with the previous trend wherein Commander Shepard was named after Alan Shepard, the first american man in space. Hence both being american space pioneers. Also the announcement trailer to Mass Effect Andromeda released at E3 2015 has the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Dog tag in trailer with the name "RIDER/RYDER"

Another redditor The_icemann2288 pointed out that Ghost is another name for "Spectre", high ranked soldiers in Mass Effect Universe one such as Commander Shepard. Hence "Ghost Rider" pertaining to "Spectre Rider". In addition to this OsterGuard added that when Mass Effect fans asked BioWare Montreal Studios to change the music for the Andromeda trailer to something that fits the Mass Effect franchise, the studio director Yanick Roy replied in a retweet that "No, sorry, because there are very good reasons for that choice of song for the trailer that should become clear later on."

Here's a link to the subreddit thread to the discussion.

Below is the E3 2015 announcement trailer.

Heads Up: Mass Effect Andromeda is an upcoming reboot of the original Mass Effect trilogy by BioWare which was an action RPG third-person shooter that will bring new unexplored galaxies to travel to and new gameplay elements yet staying true to its original roots, scheduled to release in Fall 2016.

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