BY ARNAV NAG   |   The highly anticipated reboot of Need For speed was set release on November 5th, 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but recently Ghost Games announced that they have decided to hold back the release of the PCs version while the Console release remains unaffected.

The game developers have decided that would utilize this time to unlock framerates and improve in-game graphics to deliver that best possible experience on PCs.

Here's a trailer from Need For Speed explaining the different was to play that will enhance gameplay exponentially over previous versions.

The release date on PS4 and Xbox One have not been changed and fans on consoles will be able to participate in a beta to test server infrastucture in a few weeks.

A blog post by Need For Speed said:

Our PC community [said] that an unlocked frame rate in Need for Speed is a massive priority for you, and we fully agree. To deliver this, we've made the decision to move the PC release date to Spring 2016.
This decision on PC gives us the necessary development time to increase the visuals that we can deliver on PC. We will also include content updates that will have been released on console up to that time, making them available to all PC players from day one. The developers also said that the additional contents released for consoles over time will be available for PCs gamers during it's release time.

Heads Up: While PC gamers will once again have deal with a "necessary" yet disappointing delay till Spring 2016, Console gamers on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to get their hands on the game on November 5, 2015. We just hope that after the long wait Need For Speed 2015 comes out polished with all its glory on PCs.

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