Mass Effect Andromeda: No Animation improvements arriving on Day One, says Lead Designer Ian Frazier

‘We'll have more patches later on, but exactly what goes into them is still in discussion.’

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Mass Effect Andromeda is already one of the hottest arrivals this year. As the release date is coming close, the hype and restlessness among the fans is increasing day by day. But recently as the game went into Early Access on EA/Origin, there has been a wave of criticism among the fans regarding the overly done facial animations and the character modelling which isn’t looking so great. There are several reports of mockery and disappointment expressed on the internet regarding the flawed character movements and facial animations. Despite such criticisms, BioWare is having no plans to fix those issues on Day One of the release. According to this tweet from the game’s Lead Designer Ian Frazier, ‘that ship has sailed’.

Ian also went on to confirm that ‘We'll have more patches later on, but exactly what goes into them is still in discussion.’ This can be a little depressing news for all of the fans who have been expressing their grief on the game’s subreddit. But for those who are least bothered about the game’s animation flaws, can try out the 10 hour limited EA/Origin Access trial right now. In another tweet, Frazier has also asked players to report any technical issues that they face during this trial to EA forums right away.

In other news, BioWare has introduced their new Apex HQ companion app that will allow players to be connected to the game’s multiplayer mode when they are away. The app is mainly for tracking your progress in that game mode and will keep a record of all the characters you’ve unlocked and rewards/items collected. It will launch for Android and iOS on March 20.

Mass Effect Andromeda full release is scheduled for March 21 in North America and March 23 for Europe. A week back BioWare had released the Mass Effect Andromeda: Exploration & Discovery trailer, which deep dives straight into the heart of the game.

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