Quantum Break was supposed to be Alan Wake 2, says Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake

'This is a keeper but... we are looking for a new IP.'

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish Game Studio behind some of the popular franchises like Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, has been one of the pioneers in game development since the past decade. They were tied up with Microsoft for delivering their exclusive Xbox Games but not anymore, as they are set to explore other consoles such as Playstation 4. In an interview with Eurogamer, Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake revealed that their 2016 sci-fi Quantum Break was originally supposed to be Alan Wake 2. In that time when Microsoft was looking for a TV style episodic game for their Xbox One consoles, Remedy Entertainment thought for an episodic Alan Wake 2 game with live action episodes in between. But that didn’t happen. This is what Sam Lake had to say to Eurogamer,

"In the early concept of Alan Wake 2 that we took to Microsoft ... there was the idea of it being episodic and in between having live action episodes,”
"That part they loved. They were like, 'This is a keeper but... we are looking for a new IP.' They wanted to own that. Alan Wake is ours so that was off the table, so it needed to be something else.”

Hence, as Remedy didn’t want to give away their IP rights for Alan Wake to Microsoft, they decided to offer a new game to Microsoft which the latter can own and named it Quantum Break.

Currently, Remedy is working on two new games: Crossfire 2 and P7. The former one is already in full production while the latter one is still in pre-production. Crossfire 2 is the sequel to the free-to-play game Crossfire. Remedy Entertainment is working on the story mode- the campaign part of it. Project 7 (P7) is going to be Remedy’s next big game coming out for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The third person action game has the publisher, 505 Games, and will involve an intriguing story with a game structure that will offer a long-lasting experience.

There were rumors that P7 is going to be their next Alan Wake 2, but these rumors were nullified by Sam Lake who says, "P7 is not an Alan Wake 2 - it's worth saying out aloud,"

But he didn’t shut down the doors on Alan Wake 2 completely. He continued...

"I would love to do that!". "We are not making Alan Wake 2 at the moment. We own Alan Wake, I feel there is value in Alan Wake, I would love to do more Alan Wake, but these things, they are more than just creative ideas: there is a business side to it. There are many things that need to click into place to make it possible."

According to Sam Lake, Alan Wake IP is very precious to them. They don't want a compromise to their sequel. If the time and place is right, they will surely give it a go in their own terms.

"Every time we have had [an Alan Wake 2] concept that we have taken to publishers and talked about, it has felt like the time and the place hasn't been there to realise that vision. It has always felt like it would be a compromise for multiple reasons, and then we are not really doing the Alan Wake sequel we want to do.”
"So for us Alan Wake is valuable, and if and when we would do it, we want to do it on our terms and make it the right kind of a sequel and not just do something, a compromise. That hasn't happened yet."

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