Steam is down for good

"Edit- Steam is back up and running. Winter Sale purchases resumes."

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Steam’s Winter Sale just went live yesterday, and the servers were kept busy throughout the day by the high amount of traffic who wanted to get the best deals for their Winter Holidays. For the first time in several past years, Steam is completely down right now. Steam Store, Steam Community, Dota 2, CS GO and all Steam related services are down right now across the world and it’s already been more than two hours.

While there is no concrete reason for why the servers went down, we are guessing that the holiday traffic could be the most probable reason. Valve is yet to comment on that. No timeline has been provided for when the servers will be back online. We can only hope that the engineers are doing their best right now.

As of now, people will need to wait patiently for their Winter Sale purchases, downloading of their holiday games or voting for the Steam Awards. We expect that the servers will come live soon or at least, an official announcement from Valve is around the corner. Till then, you can keep checking the server status at steamstat.us as well as you can follow the reddit discussion thread here.

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