Consortium: The Tower gets a release date for it’s Kickstarter Campaign

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   Consortium: The Tower is an upcoming sequel to the 2014’s first person sci-fi shooter RPG ‘Consortium’. In development by Interdimensional Games Inc, the game is funded by the American investor ‘Kickstarter’. The Tower is going to be the second game of the planned trilogy. The series brings in a story that revolves around the discoveries of the iDGi-1 satellite which is capable of creating a rift between time and space. This allows the player in this game to travel to a mysterious Churchill tower in the futuristic city of London, 2042, and take control of the events there. Publisher iDGi has revealed the release date for this immersive sim game to be on January 18th 2016, through the Kickstarter teaser trailer below.

The teaser trailer, which hardly teases much, briefly tells us about the capability of the iDGi-1 satellite, fate of the multiverse and the critical risks associated with its failure. Earlier in July, the publisher had released its first gameplay teaser. It showed the game’s protagonist ‘Bishop 6’ skydiving on the Churchill Tower for his first mission to secure the hostages and neutralize the threat. Watch the gameplay trailer below.

About Consortium

  • Consortium brings in a waterfall dialogue tree system into its gameplay which is similar to what we have experienced in Mass Effect. Moreover, similar to the Normandy, this game uses the ‘Zenlil’ aircraft as the base for its crew. Players can choose to fight, explore, sneak or talk their way throughout the game.
  • The characters of the crew are recognized by their chess-themed designations, for example, the game’s protagonist ‘Bishop 6’ and other characters such as Knight 15, Pawn 4 etc.
  • The combat system can be absolutely non-lethal, lethal or completely avoided, a style similar to Deus Ex. The scope of the game is limited due to the size of the game world.
  • The game involves interactive conversations, NPCs remembering system like in ‘Walking Dead’, player freedom, tactical combat, weapons and various equipments.
  • 2014’s Consortium game was powered by the ‘Source Engine’ but the upcoming version will use the “Unreal Engine 4’.

Consortium: The Tower

The multiverse is at stake

Heads Up:- Consortium: The Tower is scheduled for its release on January 18th, 2016. The game is currently in development by 'Interdimensional Games Inc', and will be only available on PC. For those of you who want to know more about the Consortium game, can avail the ‘Game One version’ at a very cheap price here on steam. The holiday offer lasts until 4th January. Stay tuned for more updates.

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