BY ARNAV NAG   |   Need For speed is set up for a reboot once again after a year long break. The brand new trailer shows off five different ways to play Need For Speed 2015 - Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw.

Earlier this year, EA announced the new Open-world urban night racing theme for the reboot along with a stunning World-Reveal trailer on May 21st,2015. Here is an official trailer that EA and Ghost Games released at E3 2015 conference teasing the new Mustang GT, Scion FRS, and Porshe and all-new customizations, superb midnight racing that revives the memories of NFS Underground along with nitrous-packed cop pursuits from previous editions.

Watchout Fans

  • The game is all set to hit the PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 3, 2015 with its complete package of action packed driving and ultimate speed.
  • The game propels a revamped driving experience with new customization styles and HUD displays along with the return of the action packed storyline demanding once again all the aspects of speed, style and outlaw.

Here's the Pre Alpha Footage with all its customizations and minutes of gameplay as revealed in E3 2015 conference by EA and Ghost Games.

Following are the new additions to the reboot that we are really excited about:

  • The reboot looks like a possible Underground 3 with exclusive nocturnal street racing and an open- and real-world city called 'Ventura Bay' which looks like a West coast city in the United States.
  • Gameplay lined with a story with over-the-top live action cut scenes with real actors like NFS Carbon
  • Enhanced Performance tuning will allow players to alter each car’s specs like brake drift, steer behavior, front and rear tire pressure, downforce and fine-tune handling to suit their needs and needs of various racing events.
  • Full body customization with real branded custom parts like Greddy’s Rocket Bunny, KM4SH, Watanabe.

NFS 2015

Scion FRS - Rocket Bunny (Look at those curvy overfenders!)

  • Color palette for body paint with saturation, brightness, metallic, smoothness, clearcoat. with full body vinyl wrap.
  • All new online gameplay. But the game would require an internet connection at all times even in single-player mode. This will allow the player to interact with friends at all time. Inspired by the AllDrive System of NFS Rivals, it's predecessor.
  • New Drift camera for more control while cornering and drifting like from NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 and a new racing event called the "Drift Attack".

NFS 2015

The new shiny drift cam!

Heads Up: The genuine street racing car culture of Need For Speed 2015 is being developed by Ghost Games on Frostbite 3 Engine in close ties with EA's car culture community Speedhunters and also had strong dependency on fan input and feedback from playing alpha versions of the game.

Need for Speed Is Reborn… & We’re Helping! Peter Kelly, Speedhunters

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