Grand Theft Auto V- PC errors, crashes, low fps, stuttering, lags, freezes, black screen, switchable graphics issue and performance fixes


BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   As an ardent fan of GTAV, it was frustrating at once when after several hours of workaround and trying all different sorts of fixes to run GTAV in AMD/INTEL switchable graphics would only result in a crash and even Rockstar didn’t seem to be bothered to release a patch. Finally, an easy and permanent workaround has been found in the form of below steps:-- Create a commandline.txt file using notepad and save it in the GTA V game directory. - Open the file and type ~noVendorAPI and save it and exit. - Run the the game and get the ultimate feel of the game. The same fix can also be done by using Hotfix V3. It can be downloaded here . A huge thumbs up to Mywk for his efforts and the one to develop hotfix as a temporary solution in the early days for all unfortunate fans like us.

Other Fixes

1. Error “err_gfx_d3d_init”

The above mentioned error is due to some old graphic cards using directx 10 or directx 10.1 while playing Grand Theft Auto V. The error pops up while accessing the pause menu during the game (hitting the escape button). This causes the game to crash to the desktop while for some users this may happen just randomly. I managed to fix this error by the following steps: - After running the game once and crashing, go to Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V and open settings.xml in notepad. - Search for the term “dx”(use ctrl+F and Enter) and you should see the line (DX_Version value=”2”) - Just change the value from “2” to “0” , save the file, exit and restart the game. - Now you would be able to play the game without crashing. If in case it doesn’t works, try changing the value to 1 and see if it helps. For me it worked perfectly

2. Black Screen, Stuttering, Lag and Frame Drops

- The first and foremost step is to update your AMD or nVidia drivers to the latest beta drivers, 15.4 Catalyst Beta and 350.12 Geforce respectively. - If driver updates don’t resolve the issue, then one of the other causes can be memory leaks. Memory leaks can be temporarily resolved by setting virtual memory management to System-Managed virtual memory size. This can be done with the following steps: a. Navigate to Performance → Settings → Advanced → Change → Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size.” NOTE: This will change the size required for the pagefile and will require a reboot. OR Type “systempropertiesadvanced” in the run prompt (start menu or Windows + R) b. Enable System Managed Size or manually increase the Virtual Memory capacity for the respective drive in which the GTA V game directory exists. Leaking still occurs but the virtual memory accommodates for it. After around 2 hours of playing the game, reboot the game. c. Also try disabling the v-sync and turn off MSAA for reducing stuttering and better frame rates.

3.“The RockStar Update Service is Unavailable(Code 1)”

This error is due to using special alphanumeric characters in windows usernames. To work-around this temporarily, create a new Windows Admin account by navigating to Control Panel → Users. Run GTA V from this account.

4. “Unable to Detect Windows Media Player”

Windows media player need to be installed for playing GTA V. To fix this, launch Windows Media Player and follow the installation prompts. If you can't locate Windows Media Player, navigate to Control Panel → Add/Remove Features → Turn Windows Features on/off → Windows Media Player (checked).

5. Verify game cache for missing files

A 60 GB massive game makes verifying game cache files an important step. Many times missing files could lead to a game crash or a failed mission start. Make sure the following dlls are existing in update/x64/dlcpacks for some of the strangers and freaks missions to appear.
- mpchristmas2
- mppatchesng

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