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BY ARNAV NAG   |   This game was released in 2003. So yeah it’s almost 12 years old! And we still play this game with the same adrenaline and madness that we did 10 years ago and like any other Call of Duty or Battlefield or Need For Speed multiplayer at present. Back in 2003, when no one here knew what a multiplayer game was except for playing a splitscreen one-on-one console game, I started using my dial-up connection internet to connect to Midnight Club 2 Gamespy Arcade servers(now defunct!) and compete online with them in real-time. Now, know this that playing Real-time was a big deal with the kinda bandwidth and latency we had back then. That was some experience. And also it wasn’t any other lame head-to-head racing event. This game had a very unique game mode specially built for online multiplayer which was based on a generic ‘Capture The Flag’ or simply CTF game mode from lets say Unreal or CS.


Now, how do you integrate a CTF game mode into a racing game? You take any one of famous metros from around the globe (namely Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo) and turn them into an in-game world, then you make a flag randomly popup anywhere on the map (Obviously places easily reachable by the players) and a drop-point for the players to return the flag to. All these and a band of 8 insane players will results into a high adrenaline race/match with cars going neck-to-neck at full throttle. Objective is to get the flag first and return it to the finish point without getting hit. If someone is too sloppy or too careless in carrying away the flag clear of his rivals he gets squashed with a Quad Damage powerup or gets his car wrecked by a Disruptor powerup. Yeah, I almost forgot to mention that the races have powerups scattered all over the map for the players to attack each other or to even defend themselves. Play as teams with Blues going against Red or Challenge a whole clan in an unbalanced team race.


Unfortunately the game’s multiplayer engine was based on Gamespy Arcade Support which is now defunct. This means all games that used Gamespy Arcade would not have multiplayer events and only singleplayer. Luckily for us Midnight Club 2 had both Online matches as well as LAN Play. This LAN play feature could either be used in local games against people sitting next to you OR you could use a very useful software called Tunngle – The Global LAN Gaming Network. Thanks to Tunngle and its developers any local LAN game can with virtualized to connect to anyone connected to the same Tunngle network. So essentially it converts your local game into an Online LAN game with other players across the globe at the cost of a minimal latency rise(which is fine because you get to play your favourite game online again, right?)


We also use a Midnight Club 2 MODern Edition tweak (or simply MOD) for this game which makes the game incredibly fast and hard to control by modifying preset configurations for a car’s speed and handling.

First of all to go any further into this thing you'll need a full game of Midnight Club. If you don’t have it please go and buy the game for the developers. (I hope they haven’t stopped selling this game :P)

So after you have a full installation of MC2, do the following:

Steps to install MODern Edition into Midnight Club 2:

  • Download the MODern Edition from here. Thanks to the MODern Edition people for still supporting this download.
  • Go to the installed game folder which is by default - C:\Program Files(x86)\Rockstar Games\Midnight Club II\
  • Backup the file assets_p.dat (just rename it to “assets_p_temp.dat” or copy to another place)
  • Extract the file Assets_p\assets_p.dat (that you got inside the package .RAR after downloading it from MODern Edition) to the game installation folder which is by default C:\Program Files(x86)\Rockstar Games\Midnight Club II\
  • Run the Game and Enjoy!
  • In case of any difficulty do comment and ask us for help!

Steps to install Tunngle and run Midnight Club 2 LAN game for Online match:

  • Download and install Tunngle.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection that allows multiplayer gaming through all ports. (Proxy servers and similar filter components may restrict full connectivity and Tunngle may fail to connect to its servers.)
  • Launch Tunngle, Sign up for new account and log in with that account.
  • Search for Midnight Club 2 game room and join.
  • Click on the mouse pointer icon beside the chat textbox to find where MC2 is installed.
  • After you have browsed to the game .exe file. Launch the game with Tunngle support by clicking on the same button.
  • Join a LAN play lobby (Note: Do not join Internet lobby since Tunngle uses online LAN game mode for connecting players) and wait for other people to enjoy.
  • When you have enough players launch the game and enjoy.
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