Pokémon GO- Android/iOS crashes, errors, bugs, server down, battery drain issues, incorrect GPS location, phone overheating, distorted audio, 1HP and Pokéball glitch, freezes, low spawn rates, catch rare Pokémon and other tips, tricks and fixes

BY AMIT BARAN ROY   |   The craze for Niantic’s new augmented reality game, Pokémon GO, is growing at an enormous rate day by day. With millions of app downloads already in the first week of release (US, NZ and AUS), the game has surely got the attention of almost everyone around the world. Also, due to recent international launch of the game in UK and Canada, the Pokémon GO servers are severely overloaded. This is causing the game to glitch out and crash at several Pokéstops, Gyms and Pokémons itself. The frustrating 1HP and Pokéball glitch is making trainers go mad who have missed several opportunities to catch some rare Pokémons. While you can’t do much inside the game, but there are several tips and fixes that can help you in overcoming some of these common issues on the go.

1. Pokémon GO- Server Down error:-

Trainers have been experiencing this irritating issue of "Our servers are experiencing issues" or “Our servers are humbled by your incredible response” since the game went viral around the world. The game just got launched in Canada yesterday, and in UK few days back, which has led to this server issue growing more terrible and lasting hours. This is due to Niantic’s capped servers as they are still in Beta which needs to be improved immediately. The only thing you can do right now is to keep trying log in to the game in gaps of few minutes. You can also force a quick reboot of the game by quitting and relaunching the app.

2. Pokémon GO- Crashes, freezes, frozen Pokéball and 1HP glitch:-

Trainers may experience a Pokémon GO app crash or a freeze which may be due to several reasons. Firstly, you should make sure that your phone’s internet connection is up and running. If everything is fine from your end, check for the spinning white Pokéball on the top left corner of the screen. This signifies that Niantic’s servers are getting refreshed. If your game’s graphics is freezed and nothing happens while touching the buttons and the white Pokéball is still spinning, it means that the game has lost connection to the servers and needs a reboot. Sometimes rebooting your phone entirely may also solve this crash due to server issue. If you find that your game crashes due to no reason, you can very well raise a ticket in Pokémon GO bug report form.

  • Frozen Pokéball glitch:- Now, this is a very frustrating issue where a number of times trainers end up wasting their Pokéballs to catch a rare Pokémon and remain unsuccessful. When you throw the Pokéball towards a Pokémon, the Pokéball freezes and on relaunching the app, you have already lost the Pokémon. While this surely needs a quick patch fix by Niantic, but there is a workaround available. Some Reddit users have found that if you wait for 10-15 seconds with the frozen Pokéball on the screen, wait for the spinning white Pokéball on the top left to stop (finish refreshing servers) and then relaunch the app, you will find that the Pokémon is caught and will be present on your list (unless it had ran away before your attempting to throw the Pokéball).
  • 1HP glitch at Gym battles:- This is another annoying issue where trainers fight Pokémons in Gyms and the opponent’s health is stuck at 1HP infinitely and eventually, the battle gets timed out. All these issues and glitches are a result of an overloaded server and can only be circumvented by a little precautionary gameplay unless Niantic improves their servers. In Gym fights, players tend to tap the attack button too fast before the attack is even ready. This leads to hogging the server queue. So the server needs to process all the taps before triggering the death event which may eventually lead to a timeout. So what you can do is wait a bit till the attack option is ready and then tap the attack button. If you do this carefully, you can prevent this glitch from occurring.
  • Freezing issues- There are certain freezing issues for iPhone users that can be fixed by simply disabling their LTE option. To do this, navigate to Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data and turn LTE off. Android users still needs to wait for an official update.

3. Pokémon GO- ‘GPS Signal Not found’ error:-

Pokémon GO requires two important things to work in order to successfully operate. A good data connection and an active GPS location. If one of the two is missing, you may end up glitching out of the game or suddenly lose all Pokémons and game data in the map. Some of the things you must do to lock the GPS signal ingame:-

  • You must play the game outside where a strong GPS signal can be acquired. Playing the game indoors may cause this issue.
  • Make sure that your GPS is turned ON and your Location services are permitted for Pokémon GO.
  • Try setting the GPS to High-accuracy mode.
  • You may also turn ON Wifi along with your data connectivity to get an instant location fix.
  • Android users can update their Google Play Services.
  • If nothing works, reboot the app to overcome any server side issue.

4. Pokémon GO- Account getting signed out/ Trainer Progress reset to level 1:-

Now both of these two issues are related. Trainers should note that they may face account getting auto signed out issue when servers are down. You may want to have a look at our Fix #1 to resolve server side issues which should fix this problem. Now, when trainers are facing this issue and asked to re-login, there are two options. You can login via your Google account or using your Pokémon Trainer club. But one should be aware that you must select the login method which you used initially for logging into the game. Selecting and creating a new account using the other logging method can trigger the second issue, i.e ‘Trainer progress resetting to level 1’. Thus, you must then log out and re-login via the original account.

5. Pokémon GO- Heavy Battery Drain and overheating issues:-

The Pokémon GO app has been reportedly draining heavy battery and have received much complaints of overheating. It is very much understandable as the app uses your data and GPS services as well as has intensive graphics and features. Some workarounds to reduce your battery drain and overheating are as follows:-

  • Turn ON Pokémon GO’s internal battery saver option from settings- This is one of the important and necessary features of the game that helps saving the excessive battery drain. What it does is that it reduces screen brightness and refresh rates when your phone goes idle or you keep it in your pocket while the game is still ON. The Pokémon GO logo appears on the screen and it vibrates if any nearby Pokémon is detected. Once you again take out and operate the game, maps and everything gets loaded up immediately.
  • Manually reducing screen brightness or turning off your phone’s Bluetooth and Wifi if not required can prevent heavy drainage.
  • Turn off AR- Augmented-Reality AR feature of the game is pretty cool where you can view a Pokémon in real surroundings using your camera. But using your camera can take a toll on your battery. So better to keep it off. Also, it helps in catching Pokémons bit easily if compared.
  • Turn off your volume and disable all Background apps.
  • Refrain from using Bluetooth Headset.
  • Rule of thumb while playing any augmented reality game like Ingress or Pokémon GO is to carry all your fully charged Powerbanks with you, so that you don't lose out on your phone outside.
  • Finally, it is advised to take some pauses and breaks while playing for long hours. It helps cooling down your phone.

6. Pokémon GO- Distorted Audio fix:-

You may experience a laggy or distorted audio while playing Pokémon GO with your Bluetooth headset ON. You can avoid using Bluetooth headset for the moment to fix this issue while Niantic is working on its next patch update.

7. Pokémon GO- How to improve spawn rates and catch rare Pokémon using Ingress map:-

This is not a fix but rather an important tip for all ambitious trainers who want more spawn rates, more Pokémons in their list and especially, the rare ones. Its really frustrating to come across hundreds of zubats and doduos in your surroundings. So by now, you should know that Pokémon GO uses the same augmented map that has been developed and populated by Ingress players over the last 4 years. The changes can be very well observed. The portals in Ingress have now became Pokéstops and Gyms in Pokémon GO. Similarly, the rich energy giving XM spots (cluster of white colored dots in map) in Ingress are the seats for higher number of Pokémons and especially the rare ones. So if you still haven’t played or installed Ingress in your phone, it’s the best time to do. Generally, these areas are the popular spots like temples or some popular monuments. So, you can follow the Ingress map to catch your favorite Pokémon.

So these were few tips and fixes for the common issues that players want to circumvent till Niantic launches their next update. I must say that Niantic has lots of work to do if they want to hold up on the player base and the hype that got built in the last 12 days. For more issues and fixes related to items etc, check out Niantic’s troubleshooting page. You must always be aware of any new updates that gets released and install it immediately. If you are new to Pokémon GO, you can catch up with all the basic things that you need to know to play the game in our Beginner’s wiki guide. In the meantime, you may also check out what you should not be doing as a Pokémon GO trainer that may risk your account.

Heads Up: Pokémon GO is currently officialy available in US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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